YWAM Celebrating 50 Years

YWAM Jubilee Celebration #30 - Western Canada
September 12-14th

Chief Philip Big SwanGathered from across Western Canada and Northwestern USA in the foothills of Alberta, 200 YWAMers were welcomed by hereditary Chief Big Swan of the Peigan Tribe of the Blackfoot Nation to his tribal lands. In the opening session of YWAM’s 50th anniversary celebration, Chief Big Swan and his wife, Delores, shared the story of their people, singing, drumming and blowing the shofar as an invitation to the Spirit of God to be with us during our gathering. We came together united under the greatest Chief of all, Jesus.

“Chiefs” Loren & Darlene Cunningham were honoured with gifts and welcomed to the Blackfoot Nation. They responded with thanks and appreciation to the First Nations people of this land. Russ Rosen led the gathering in an energetic time of worship with everyone leaving their seats and celebrating the goodness of God. Loren reminded the YWAM Tribe of the greatness of God through the Tribe’s identity, gifts, and the continued call to pioneer!

Sixteen YWAM operating locations in Greenland, USA and Canada were represented, along with alumni and Canadian YWAMers serving around the world.  Darlene told stories of YWAM’s involvement in the areas of early childhood education, film and media. She reminded us that it takes the whole body of Christ to make God’s vision happen. YWAM would not be able to accomplish its mission without the involvement of many partners, churches, and supporters. She shared eight keys to keep our joy and not grow weary in God’s call.

Honoring TimeThe afternoon session began with a time of honouring leaders in the region. Pete & Luba Iliyn (North American Regional Leaders), Paul Martinson (Western Canada Leader), Don & Gwen Neufeld (YWAM Canada pioneers) and Errol & Joyce Martens (pioneers of YWAM Greenland) were presented with small jade inuksuk. An inuksuk is a large Inuit rock formation in the shape of a person that was used to mark the land in the treeless northern regions. It was noted that the service of these leaders “marked” Canada and their example will continue to guide YWAM in the years to come.

Leaders of the region reported on the various ministry activities in the areas of training programs, justice, the 2010 Olympic Winter Games Outreach, urban poor, First Nations & Inuit Peoples, and business as mission.

Monday evening’s worship, led by Kristy Wilke and band, focused on the awesomeness of King Jesus. Loren inspired the Tribe with a vision to get a Bible to every home on the earth in the next 15 years and reminded us of the great tool of the 4K map.

Kids Listen To Loren

The three-day event closed as we shared communion together, revisited the Christian Magna Carta and signed the Jubilee Covenant. With great hope, the gathered Tribe of YWAM looked forward to celebrating Jesus and to pioneering new ministries for His glory!


(Photos by Heidi Jarva)
Registration Bake Sale Meeting Room Dinner Time Chief Big Swan The Crowd Loren and Chief Big Swan Dancing More Dancing Worship Time Russ Rosen Audience Special Guests Randy Parizeau and Darlene Cunningham Darlene Cunningham Loren Cunningham Breakfast Worship Time Kristy Wilkie Singing and Worship Reflection Worship Prayer Time Session Playing Video Game Gordie MacDonald Darlene Cunningham Thoughtful Singing Praying Worship Time Visiting Coffee Time Darlene Teaching Randy With Inukshuk Honoring Leaders Sharing Paul Martinson Don and Gwen Neufeld Thankful Hearts Loren Sharing With Kids Loren Prays For Kids Loren Praying For Children Kids Listen to Loren Loren Prays For Baby Fellowship Meeting Room Tanya Lyons Prays For Loren Loren With World Map Intercession Time Praying and Interceding Worship Time Communion Communion Worship Loren and Darlene and Kristie Praying for the Cunninghams Flag of Canada


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