YWAM Canada National Conference

Rendezvous 2017 - A YWAM Canada 50th Celebration

August 13 – 18, 2017
Pinawa, Manitoba
Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre


Rendezvous Group Shot

We want to see all 300+ YWAM Canada staff and leaders there this time around to CELEBRATE YWAM CANADA's 50 ANNIVERSARY! We also invite YWAM Canada staff and alumni from years past and recent to come and contribute their stories for a larger perspective of our common history! More people = more party, and we sure had ourselves a "par-tay" at our last gathering in 2014.


The early exploration of what would become Canada by Europeans was undertaken largely by a group of daring men known as the voyageurs. Traversing huge sections of the land, they would gathering once or twice a year to trade furs, good, and stories. It soon became a time of friendship and celebration, a time of exploring new cultures and nurturing new ones. Such a gathering soon became known as a rendezvous.

YC 50th LogoAs YWAM celebrates our 50th year in this great and diverse nation, we will gather for a very special YWAM Canada Rendezvous (Aug. 13-18). In our on going tradition, we will gather at the Wilderness Edge Retreat Centre in Pinawa, MB - our unofficial YWAM Canada family cottage. There we will celebrate the legacy of our mission in Canada, sharing good food, great fun, and true fellowship. We also want to pass on our stories to the next generation, so all any YWAM schools/students are welcome to join us.

We are excited to spend time together in worship, prayer, workshops, and more. We want to include art installations that share YWAM Canada’s story. Contact us (below) for more details about how you can be involved. Also, the Farmer’s Market will return, so be sure to bring your treasure to sell (email to book a table). QWhether it’s food, art, books, soap- whatever creative thing you can concoct! And bring some money to pick up of few treasures for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or maybe something just for yourself.

Plan to arrive for the evening of Sunday (August 13) and to leave the morning of Friday (August 18). The airport shuttle will be departing the airport in Winnipeg at 5pm (unless flights arrive late). If you arrive later than that, you will need to phone a friend. We will be make sure that you get back to the airport on Friday morning for 8am. Book your flights accordingly.


Sign up and pay your deposit BEFORE MAY 30 and you will receive a COOL TUMBLER as well! (1 per adult)

For more information email us:


If you require transportation from the Winnipeg airport, we will be providing a shuttle service to/from Winnipeg to the resort in Pinawa. The approximate cost is $20 one-way or $40 round trip. Please let us know if you require transportation on the registration form.


There will be TONS of "FREE" activities offered throughout the week such as "bike rides, water activities, canoes, hay ride, river float/tubing" etc etc. Please take advantage of all the fun stuff while at Rendezvous.

Room Options:

* 2 Room Suite (4-5 adults) - $350 per adult (2 adjoining rooms with a total of 5 single beds and a shared bathroom)
* Standard 1 Queen (2 adults) - $375 per adult
* Standard 2 Double Beds (2 Adults) - $405 per adult
* Bachelor Suite (2 adults) - $430 per adult (Queen log bed, small kitchenette)
* Couple Suite (2 adults) - $490 per adult (Living room, kitchen, log queen bed)
* Family Suite (2 adults) - $430 per adult (2 queen beds, single bed and a couch)
* Family Suite with Kitchen (2 adults) - $430 (Queen bed and 3 singles with a kitchen)

If you have other accommodations arranged or are planning alternative housing, please e-mail to get the adjusted price cost.

Rendezvous Schedule 2017

Sunday - 4pm-8pm: Registration & Settle in time

Daily Schedule: Monday to Thursday

7:15am to 8:15am - Devotional (Optional)
8:20am - Breakfast
9:30am - Session #1: Family Time with everyone
10:15 - Break
10:45 - Session #2
12:20pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Afternoon activities/recreation
5:30pm - Supper
7:00pm - Worship
7:30pm-8:45pm - Workshops (Mon-Wed), Thursday - Wrap Up
9:30pm - Campfire/Firepit and other activities

Friday - Departures: 8:20am Breakfast - 12pm Lunch   

For more information email us:


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Special Guest Speakers

To be announced

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Why Rendezvous? A Short History...

“Rendezvous” is a French word which means “a meeting at an appointed place and time”. In the early 1800’s, the First Nations people along with the French (voyageurs) and Scottish fur trappers met around current day Thunder Bay, Ontario which was their “Rendezvous”. The purpose for their meeting was to trade goods and furs and to talk business. But, it was so much more than that. As they assembled together, this diverse group shared stories about the land they were living in, danced, played competitive games, and simply enjoyed one another’s company.

 Today, YWAM Canada’s “Rendezvous” is very much like those gatherings hundreds of years ago. The first “Rendezvous” for YWAM Canada was a North American Staff Conference held October 9-12, 2003 in Ottawa, Ontario. The gathering was a culmination of year-long activities throughout Canada that began with “The Goad” in Vancouver (October 2002) and “The Wake Tour” (April-June 2003). That first Canadian Thanksgiving weekend had a profound effect on YWAM Canada and therefore, we have called all future YWAM Canada biennial staff gatherings a “Rendezvous”. 

Why do we continue to meet? We believe, as a YWAM Canada family, that it is important for us to have a “Rendezvous” every two years in order to gather together as one body. We come together to connect. We come together to remember who we are. We come together to remember why we do what we do. And, as we come together, we are able to receive fresh inspiration from God who longs to give us His heart for the people of Canada and beyond! Won’t you join us at the Rendezvous in August?